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Managing Partner

"I believe that good investing is done with a long term objective and a low cost focus. Having a consistent philosophy, a good process, and the discipline to stay with the whole thing is the key to having good results over the long term. There will be good times and bad, but whether one is buying stocks, bonds, ETFs, or mutual funds, what matters most is a strategy you can stick with."

Gary is a Managing Partner of Accretive and the firm’s Chief Investment Officer.  In that role Gary builds and manages portfolios to target objectives.  Gary also manages two US focused individual equity portfolios:  an Equity Income and a Capital Appreciation portfolio.  Gary has over 10 years experience managing assets.  He is a CFA Charterholder, a CFP® Professional, and has an MBA with Asset Management Concentration from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.  Gary is a self described “stock dork”, an active and continual learner, passionate about investing and the markets, and an active member of the CFA Society of New York.  Previous to founding Accretive, Gary worked as CIO of a firm in Northern New Jersey.  There he developed and managed the investment platform.  He helped to grow assets under management of the RIA from $75m to over $400m in just under 8 years.  

When I met Gary over 10 years ago, he instilled a core value in me which is, intellectual capital is something no one can take away from you, takes a lifetime to acquire, and compounds daily if you let it. Gary embodies this philosophy day-in and day-out. If Gary stopped learning today, he would have acquired more knowledge about investing than most in the industry, but that’s never enough for him. He has an innate fire to always push himself to be better and refine his thinking.

"I met Gary over 8 years ago as a colleague at a previous firm. It became evident very quickly that Gary had a unique skill set for investing. So unique, that his best ideas typically occur when he’s on vacation, which highlight how incessant he is on getting better. I made it a goal of mine to not take his presence for granted, as he is someone I truly learn from every day. Whether it’s for himself, his teammates, or clients, Gary is a relentless educator. He’s the type of player that is invaluable to a team’s success."


Managing Partner

"Planning needs to be objective and emotion-free. We recognize that human tendencies make it difficult for most people to act rationally when it comes to their own financial situations. As a result, our planning philosophy is led by education and behavioral coaching."

Steve is a Managing Partner of Accretive, Wealth Advisor, and Chair of our Financial Planning Committee. As Wealth Advisor, Steve is responsible for managing all aspects of the client and Accretive relationship.  As Chair of the Planning Committee, he’s responsible for overseeing the continued development of how advice is delivered. Prior to co-founding Accretive, Steve was a Senior Financial Advisor at a Hybrid Broker-Dealer/RIA, where he helped develop the firm’s planning offering.

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