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Stephen Esposito, CFP® of Accretive Wealth Partners

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Managing Partner

"I believe that financial decisions are best made objectively and rationally. As a result, my first promise to clients is to always listen. I want to understand what's most important to you personally, so that we can provide customized solutions that continually earn your trust and confidence.”

Steve is a Managing Partner of Accretive, Wealth Advisor, and Chair of the Financial Planning Committee. He holds the CFP® designation and brings over 10 years’ experience providing financial advice to high-net worth families. As Wealth Advisor, Steve is primarily responsible for managing all aspects of the client relationship with Accretive. He is also Chair of the Financial Planning Committee, which involves the continued development of how advice is delivered to Accretive’s clients. Prior to co-founding Accretive, Steve was a Senior Advisor for a hybrid broker-dealer/Registered Investment Advisor where he helped create the firm’s financial planning offering.

"I first met Steve at a previous firm we both worked. Over the last 8 years, I’ve witnessed his professional growth, his passion for the industry, and his relentless drive to deliver value to his clients. Steve invests a lot of time in improving himself and the advice he delivers to clients.  The best part about it is no one is telling him to do this, he has a growth mindset. What I’ve been most impressed by is how Steve actively looks out for his client’s best interest.  I am excited to formally partner with Steve and build something special at Accretive."

I met Steve through Gary. In the early stages of coming together to form Accretive, one thing that was very apparent about Steve is he’s passionately obsessed about doing the right thing for his clients. When his clients need him, he is there. Whether that means getting on a call at the last minute or jumping on a plane to visit his clients. Steve takes the time to proactively identify potential obstacles for his clients and he helps them navigate those obstacles. I’m incredibly excited and honored to be a partner with Steve.

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