Many firms try to make their investment process seem complicated and opaque, we try to make our investment process simple and transparent.

Investment Philosophy

We believe that good investing is based on evidence. This means focusing on what academic research has shown to work over time. While there are a number of things that have been shown to work over time, at its core good investing requires a long term focus, low turnover, and a dedication to minimizing costs. What we think matters most to clients is investing in a strategy that they can stick with, through good and bad markets.

Long Term

On Wall Street, long term is often measured in days, weeks, or months. There is no advantage in thinking short term. We focus on making a smaller number of longer term decisions


We seek to get value in excess of what we’re paying.  The higher the internal cost of an investment vehicle, the harder that is to achieve over the long term. All else equal, we prefer lower costs to higher costs.

Evidence Based

We construct portfolios based on what academic research has shown to be effective over longer periods of time.

Low Turnover

Too much activity in a portfolio tends to be an enemy of returns. More activity tends to lead to higher costs and greater tax bills.

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