message to clients

Dear Current and Prospective Clients,

First, thank you for your interest in Accretive Wealth Partners.  We’re glad you’re here to learn more about our firm and how we partner with clients.  

The inspiration for this letter is the many wonderful letters we read from the best investors and managers in the world to their clients and shareholders.  In those letters, they communicate clearly in a coherent, straightforward manner.  We are writing this open letter to you to introduce you to our firm, document our values, and what we expect to be held accountable for when you partner with us as your wealth advisors.

We came together with one goal in mind and that is to be relentlessly focused on our clients.  Wall Street and financial services firms put too much emphasis on company profitability and where the next dollar of growth will come from. Those things are important, but we think they are an output, not an input.  We believe the key inputs are value creation for clients and long term client satisfaction.

What, in our experience, has led to client satisfaction?  A focus on you, the client.  To us that means taking the time to listen to your objectives, understand your goals, and learn about your previous investment experiences.  We then seek to help you understand our firm’s philosophy and process, simplify it as much as possible, and communicate it in plain English.  

Many firms seek to impress prospective clients during the onboarding process, and once they sign up, the experience changes.  Our service philosophy is to proactively identify current and emerging issues based on what we know about you and to be responsive when you reach out to us when things about your situation change or you have questions.  

Throughout each of our career’s, a meaningful part of our growth has been, and continues to be from, referrals from our existing clients. We are proud of this as we believe it’s a testament to our dedication to clients.  We hope you will be satisfied enough to tell your friends and family about Accretive.  

We look forward to partnering with you!

Accretive Wealth Partners,

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